Thursday, April 30, 2009

Football Friends

Rick attended Northwestern College in Iowa. While he was there he played on the football team. He had a lot of fun and made great lifetime friends. This month one of his teammates/friends passed away. He was living in Sumas, so four of his friends came from Iowa for his funeral. The guys stayed with us and they used the opportunity to enjoy each others company. It was really nice that they could come out, it meant a lot to his family. Here are a few photos that were taken during their stay. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. All in the name of Robbie. He will be missed.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Litlle Work, A Little Play

On Thursday of Spring Break we decorated eggs! The kids colored and dipped, tie-dyed, and ate several eggs that cracked in the boil. Luke wrote the whole alphabet on one before he dipped. A good time was had.

I remember my first Easter with Rick's family. I brought traditional hard boiled decorated eggs. Rick's Mom thought I was crazy, evidently in their family they hide candy and not boiled eggs. "What kid would want to eat eggs on Easter?" I will be going to the Dykstra Easter this year at Uncle Rich and Aunt Doris', " I will not be bringing these eggs, the Candy is bought and ready to go.

After we finished the eggs, I decided to get going on Abby's homework she missed the week before Spring Break. She was sick 3 of the 5 days and had a little catching up to do. Passion Week was celebrated and a book was written. She has one page left. She finished her April "Just Read It" work, worked on flash cards, and finished her Sioux Indian person. That was fun!
Today Luke is getting his hair cut, this might be followed by a trip to Hi Hoe!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break

Well it is Wednesday of Spring Break. We are doing the sleep in and no rush routine. No plans, which is terribly relaxing. The sun is still shining and lots of working and playing outside has filled our days. I hear the four wheeler, I guess it is time to explore the grounds.

We did have a vet visit, which was exciting. One of the pregnant mares went ill. I love this time of year. Baby horses will soon bless the ranch. Abby is enjoying Little Bit this week.

I am afraid the weather is changing, so the rest of the week may include indoor activities.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Down Side to a Twin Brother

After about an hour long game of baseball with Emily and Luke yesterday, i decided I was done. Emily had her dollies watching us. Abby was still in bed, sick, on the mend now. Luke, who usually loves to shoot hoops, decided he would shoot Emily's Bitty Baby. Again, Emily was horrified, she yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
The pictures tell the story.
Also, a bit of Luke on his motorbike. He is a natural. Emily and Abby ride too. But Luke in true "Man" form has got this down.

Fur Coats

My magnolia bush is one of the first things to "pop" in the Spring. I always tell the kids that the bush buds start off as fur coats to protect from the cold of winter, but when the sun shines in Spring, the flowers pop out of their coats. Today they did that. It is so exciting. Only a couple had the nerve to pop out. I hope the weather stays nice. I love going on "bud hunts" with the kids. I wait all year to see the yard turn beautiful. I took my fur coat off the other day. My, do I ever need a tan. I think I will put the coat back on for awhile.

Flower Picking with Family

Today was our monthly Mellema lunch. Dan and Melinda hosted. After dinner the girls decided to go pick dafadils. Here are the little sweeties who brightened up my house. Later today, we are planning to bring some out to the cemetary for Nanna. Happy Spring!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Auntie Happiness

I work with Trish, and both of her daughters are expecting within the month.
Theresa: any minute and Jamie: May 1. Each day I go to work I get an update on how these little mommies are doing. Trish is an AMAZING grandma. She has lunch with her one and only granddaughter 5 days a week. She always has the most amazing stories to tell about Kyla. Trish is a real gem, you can't help but love her, she is all about faith and family . I am so excited for her. AND.....

I am also excited for me. Both of my brothers' wives are expecting babies as well. My darling sisters-in-law are pregnant! Katie is due on the 29th of this month, and Michele is due in Oct. It is baby madness talk at the Central Office. Vance and Michele have two boys, Merit (6) and Willem (3). John and Katie have one son, Fischer (2).

After these two are born, I will be an auntie to 19 little darlings. Molly, Hannah, Isabel, Lucy, Merit, Willem, Fischer, ?, ?, Cody Jordan, Dylan, Blake, Courtney, Alivia, Mayson, Max, Madison, and Kayden. I am so blessed.

So very soon Trish and I will be able to talk about holding and loving these gifts from God.

Refridgerator Declutter Day

It is so hard for me to take down artwork or anything the kids have done. At Christmas Luke drew a picture that I can not get myself to throw away. I found it in a pile today. Its home was the fridge for about 3 months. He told me he was going to draw a picture for me. He explained that is was a picture of him with me and Rick. And then he drew Heaven (and he put about 2 minutes into the Heaven you see here), and then he drew Jesus.
The house part was cut out and glued on. Not sure what the string represents and he forgets. Clearly, ears are the most important body part. He always does ears 2nd after the head. Rick is in the middle with "not very much hair". He and Jesus share similar hair styles. If you know Luke, he never puts this much time into art work. So I was quite impressed.
But in an effort to declutter, I took a picture of it so I will remember forever. Love that little man!
Then last week Emily drew a picture to give to Luke. He was horrifed that she drew herself on it, and I had to read what she had written, and it was very thoughtful. I think he still didn't care. The words say, "You are a very special brother" She is the sweetest little thing and adores her brother. Love you Emmy!

And sadly the picture of Abby is of what her week looked like. She has been sick for most of this week. She is getting better.
Get well AJ. Mommy's Love XOXO

Spring Break is here. Pray for warm weather. Then I won't have to keep decluttering! The yard is calling me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More "Bling"

Sterling Ladies

I am proud to be part of something wonderful. About 5 months ago, I took a plung into the fabulous world of Silpada Design Sterling Silver Jewelry! I am amazed at how wonderful and smart this team of businesswomen are. Last night was our team meeting. We met in a private room at The Skagit and enjoyed amazing coaching in our business, delicious dinner, and incredible fellowship with the sistaz! This month I was in charge of the jewelry display. The table was set up so cute. I just add my black jewelry displays with the "bling". My Star Leader said, "keep it simple, just bring about 30 pieces" I might have gone over that, but it was fun to put it out for the "sistaz" to play with and wear.