Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Cary and Carly

Today is the birthday of my sister Cary (age 41) and Carly (age 21). They do have different Moms, but how cool is sharing a birthday with your sister who is 20 years different in age. I am 20 years and 27 days older than Carly's sister Kelcy. So we will be turning 40 and 20 in Dec, Jan. Super fun. There are two boys in between two sets of girls. Can't wait to see everyone on May 19. Photos to follow.
Happy Birthday Sistaz!

Broken Camera Sadness

Well People,
The camera is at the hospital. The flash fails to pop up, it won't turn on, and it is just dirty/sticky. Clearly I use this tool. I am always replacing my camera. This one was a bit more expensive than the ones before, in fact I could have easily bought a very nice camera for what its costing me to fix the one I have. I admit it, I am darn hard on cameras. And so are my kids. I hope to have my best friend back by weeks end, but if not, I will continue to write. I might just learn how to post video, and then you can watch a horse birth. Pretty cool. It all happened within about 7 minutes. Baby was walking within 20 minutes. We have 3 , almost 4 babies walkin' the ranch, come on out and have a look see. They are soooooooo cute.