Saturday, February 28, 2009

Maximus Jacob's house

Tonight was pizza night at Mark's. When Christina works, Mark loves kids to play with Max. Usually we do it here, but this time it was at Mark and Christina's. We had fun. The guys, as usual, talked politics, while Mindy tried like mad to close a Silpada show before Feb. ended. The kids just had a ball. I , personally, missed Christina but did have fun, none the less. Max is so darn cute. I would have taken him home.

Jade Jacklyn

I am lucky enough to have 3 daughters! Jade is the oldest! In May she will be 16 and driving. I first met Jade when she just turned 4. I was a "shoe in", probably because of my adorable dog, Logan. Jade is a dog lovin' gal, so that made things a bit easier. I'll never forget trying to wrestle her foot into her little shoes. She said, "My mom can put shoes on way better than you." Now her feet are bigger than mine. True story. I do shoes quite a bit better now that I have three monkies of my own.
Jade is so much like Rick in so many ways. Keeping her thoughts to herself has always kept me wondering what she is thinking, unlike her brother T-bone who wears his heart on his sleve like me. She is the best big sister anyone could ask for. She is patient and sweet with her little sisters (all 3) and Luke too.
Ab and Em are looking at her picture and saying, she's really pretty. A far cry from the summers when all she wanted to wear were big t-shirs and a hat on backwords. Isn't she beautiful. Inside and out!
Love y0u Jade.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Having a fun night with girls learning how to BLOG a bit better. Tami is a super teacher and has given us the most fun info and delightfulness. Pictures to come of Tami and the sisters. Who I lovingly call the Marthas. They are so creative and wonderful.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's All About The MAN

Today was Luke's last basketball game. The whole family including PaPa and Hunny (my Mom and Stan) pack it in every Friday and Saturday night. Today was the only early game 9:00 am. I'm telling you, the YMCA could use some work. Chaotic getting in, not enough seats, and just delapating! We played a team with fun Guy coaches, so the game was pretty physical. Right up Luke's alley. Being guarded is not his favorite thing, but he loves to guard and steal the ball- even from his own team. The skill level is from here to there. Luke holds his own, despite the fact that these are his first real games. Most parents are shouting "shoot-shoot-shoot". Not us, with Luke making almost all of the baskets and feeling bad for the other kids and parents, we are yelling " Pass Luke Pass" In the end, it was fun, wish I would have know girls could be on boys teams, I would have included Emily. That hour would have been doubly exciting!
The rest of the day included breakfast with Hunny, a trip to Barber Mike for Luke and a little shopping at Fairway Country Furnishings. I scored on a 50% off calendar. My first idea left me lost without my usual kitchen calendar. Only lost for 1/6 of the month. Not bad.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is one of my favorite pictures for no reason other than, this is so typical. These three amazing people are always together, always playing, rolling around but most of all within very close proximity of one another. Tonight Abby suggested that we drive up to Mt. Baker and eat at our favorite pizza place. She called her dad, and I'm not cooking tonight. Should be a fun drive!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Well, I just couldn't figure out how to add the photo to my post, so here it is. The table. Rick surprised me with some pretty flowers that he had hidden for me yesterday in his shop. Nice and cold in there.

Valentine Randomness

It is Valentine's Day and I am home alone.
Very unusual for me to be home, much less alone.

My mom came to get the kids so they could make a fancy dessert for tonight's dinner in.
The kids got to choose the menu. Mashed potatos, corn, and ...........tacos. Yep, pretty random.

Rick is outleveling the driveway, which is actually very normal for a Saturday.

Our table is set with China awaiting our meal. I think I will put the chargers on, we have never used them before, and for tacos no less.

I think I will run to Costco for some surf and turf instead. Too random.

My brother Vance called to wish us well today. He was on his way to clean his fish tank at work. Didn't know he had a fish tank at work.