Wednesday, July 8, 2009

blogging blunders

I would like to learn how to blog without mistakes. I don't do it enough and I can't see the pictures I am putting up. Some are numbered the same so when I write down what numbers to choose, it just gets crazy. So for all you professional bloggers out there. Help. Please disregard the mistakes I have made in the following posts, but I am trying.
Thanks for the love.

Luke the Loco Lad

Last Thursday was Luke's last race at Hannagan Speedway. This boy does nothing but ride. Riding motorcycle runs through his blood. His very first race earned him 5th place out of 8 kids. Keep in mind that he doesn't have the fanciest of bikes and he is the only one that has to shift. In his 2nd race, he bumped up to 3rd place and a bigger trophy. He was quite pleased. There was an opponate named Komakazi. He is the boy to beat. So with much practice and Mom with her many gasps and heartstops: Luke was bound and determined to beat Komakazi. Last week he did just that. It was such an exciting race and evidently he did not even know Komakazi was on his tail the whole time, he even passed Luke on a corner once. But in the end the pressure got the best of Komakazi and he took a fall. Sad but true. And Luke walked away with the first place trophy! He can't wait to race tomorrow. If it doesn't rain he will compete in the beginners 4-8 year old class at about 5:30. Race on! Vroom, Vroom!

Entertaining Emily

Emily has been so much fun this summer. She doesn't ride the motorcycle unless someone comes over and Luke starts riding. She wants to be sure everyone knows she can ride too. She doesn't have near the experience as her brother who rides for many hours each day. The pictures speak for themselves.

Also, Emily is reading so much this summer. For her Kindergarten graduation, our church presented her with her very first Bible. She enjoys reading it as well as lots of "Biscuit" books. Biscuit is a dog, and the books are suited for beginner readers. I know that they are too easy for her, but she is reading and that makes me happy.

She enjoyed a fun time swimming and circling sparklers on the 4th.

Abby's 4th

On the 4th of July, our family celebrated with some friends at the home of Kathy Chambers. What a beautiful evening and lots of fun. Lucky for Abby, two of her friends are daughters of our friends.
She had fun playing "chicken" with two dads and all the kids. Abby, Kelsey, and Alexa are pictured together.