Wednesday, July 8, 2009

blogging blunders

I would like to learn how to blog without mistakes. I don't do it enough and I can't see the pictures I am putting up. Some are numbered the same so when I write down what numbers to choose, it just gets crazy. So for all you professional bloggers out there. Help. Please disregard the mistakes I have made in the following posts, but I am trying.
Thanks for the love.


Julie said...

Mindy, I use Picasa to organize my photos. It makes it easy. When you're on a picture you want to use in the blog, you click on the push pin and it saves all those pictures in a "tray". Then you can export all those pictures to a folder, which I usually title whatever the title of the blog is going to be. I downloaded free off the internet Microsoft Live Writer, which is a blog-posting software that is much like Word, but publishes to my blog. When I want to add a picture, I click on insert picture, then open the folder, where I can actually view all the photos, and then double click on the picture I want to add and it automatically goes into that spot on my blog. When the blog post is exactly like I want, I click publish and it's done. You can also save it for finishing later if you want to add more or whatever. If you want to come over sometime I'd be happy to show you the process in person!

3 little and 2 big liks said...

loving the blog. no worries on putting the pictures on twice...just look at it like more of a good thing. :)
i've been meaning to tell you. i'll make sure that i get pictures to you after our reunion on friday night. i know you said you were wanting one person to be in charge of doing that. they won't be pretty, 'becky vanhofwegen nice' but i'll take some anyways. :)
have a great day!
trac- :)