Saturday, March 28, 2009

Giggling Girls Unite

Tonight I am going to a slumber party with girls who I used to slumber with A LOT. My girlfriends from high school. So look out, I am going back in time. I will begin my day at age 39 and end it at age 12 or 13. Some where in between, I'll be 25 and sophistocated (sp?). During this time I will be out to dinner with these ladies and maybe even sipping a martini.
Check back for the "pants peeing" details. Giggling girls unite!

It was absolutly without a doubt, FUN, and nothing else.

Girls in black: Krista, Kristi, and Kristin.

The whole gang: Kristi, Kristin, Heidi, Me, Landi, Krista and Teri.

My eleventh birthday party: Tami, Kristin, Kristi, Krista, Teri, Sarah, and yes, I am the upsidedown hottie.

The next big over nighter will be in January of 2010. We will celebrate our 40th birthdays. Another slumber party.

Encore Fiddler Performance

The kids and I just had to go to the High School Musical AgAiN! Emily and Luke slept at the end both time. The first time, I quickly woke Emily and carried Luke out. The second time, we left last as everyone looked at them and said, oh how cute. Do you need any help. I waited till everyone was gone and snapped a few pictures of them and then the cast, went and goe the car closer, and then carefully loaded each "baby". The performance was so good. I won't ever miss an LC musical or play, it is just top notch.

Pretty Little Girls

Tea Party at The Doll Museum

Last Saturday we were invited to attend a tea party in Belluve. One of the mom's in Emily's class had purchased this special treat at an auction she had attended. It was over the top fancy for us cowgirls here on the ranch, but very fun! W had raspberry tea with heart shaped sandwiches and fruit. The dessert was delightful as well.
Every one wore fancy dresses, gloves and hats. Each child brought a doll and then we took a tour of the museum. The special dolls that Abby and Emily chose to bring were the ones they got from Nana's doll collection. It was pretty special. Luke spent the day being a dude and working outside with Daddy.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Learn More About Me

81 Things You Probably Didn't Know Until You Read This:

What Color Is Your Tooth brush ? white, sonicare.

Name One Person That Made You Smile Today ? Not one, but two of my girlfriends sharing their "eye brow waxing gone bad" stories.

What Were You Doing At 8 Am This Morning? Checking emails

What Were You Doing 45 Minutes Ago? Probably Laundry

What Is Your Favorite Candy ? cinnamon bears

What' s the last thing you said out loud? Yes, to the request to watch cartoons in my bedroom

What Is The Best Ice Cream Flavor? Chocolate Chip Mint.

What Was The Last Thing You Had To Drink ? WATER.

What Is The Longest You Have Gone Without Sleeping? 2 DAYS probably

Have You Ever Made A Promise You'd Die To Keep? Die? I don't think so, maybe???

Have You Bought Any New Clothing Items This Week? Shoes from Sole Obsessions

The Last Sporting Event You Watched? My kids rollerskating

What Is Your Favorite Flavor Of Popcorn? The old fashioned kind you pop on the stove top

Who Is The Last Person You Sent A Message On Facebook? No idea

Ever Go Camping? We camp once a year on Memorial Day and then once in August with my twins club.

Do You Take Vitamins Daily? Are those called vitamins?

Do You Go To Church Every Sunday? Most

Do You Drink Your Soda With A Straw ? Yuck, I think that might cause hiccups.

What Did Your Last Text Message Say? I DON'T TEXT.

What Are You Doing Tomorrow? Working and going to Fiddler on the Roof AGAIN.

Where Is Your Dad? Probably flying home from Moses Lake to his house.

Look To Your Left, What Do you see? My sunglasses, the phone and a calculator.

What Color Is Your Watch ? SILVER. Can you say SILPADA?

What Do You Think Of When You Hear Australia? scuba diving, I would love to dive the coral reefs there.

What did you do yesterday? worked and had a date with Rick while the kids were at Awana

Do You Go In At A Fast Food Place Or Just Hit The Drive Thru? Drive through. I should probably clean out my car.

What Is Your Favorite Number? 5

Who's The Last Person You Talked To On The Phone? Karla Gunst. I am helping with her 50 year class reunion.

Any Plans Today? Rollerskating and a meeting with a teacher.

Biggest Annoyance In Your Life Right Now? My cluttery house

Last Song Listened To? Don't be Afraid to Pray Outloud.

Can You Say The Alphabet Backwards? I used to do it all the time, I am sure I am rusty.

Do You Have A Maid Service Clean Your House? I am the maid. Thus the clutter.

Favorite Pair Of Shoes You Wear All The Time? Black Danskos or my newly purchased brown Danksco

Are You Jealous Of Anyone? Skinny girls

Is Anyone Jealous Of You? Who wouldn't want to be ME.

Do you love anyone? Some more than others

What Do You Usually Do During The Day? Work

Do You Hate Anyone That You Know Right Now? HATE? NO.

Do You Use The Word 'hello' Daily ? Just to answer the phone

Do You Like Cats? We have three cool cats, but I don't touch them.

Have You Ever Been To Six Flags ? No

How Did You Get Your Worst Scars ? No memory of it, but I crumbled down a cement stair when I was six months. It is on my left cheek bone area. It shows up more in the summer when I am tan. You can even see where the stitches went through.

Last Cd Played? Not sure, I don't know how to use the cd player in my van. When I try to figure it out, I usually result in almost rear ending someone.

Last Time You Cried ? Oh prpbably yesterday. I am a sap.

Have You Ever Slept Until 1pm? I think Rick and I did that a bit more often pre-kids.

List Four People You Tell Pretty Much Anything To? I don't know that I have four.

Laughed Until You Cried? Usally in the presence of my sister.

Gay Marriage? No thank you

Lowering The Drinking Age? No

Who Are The Best Huggers That You Know? I am big time into hugging. Rick on the other hand is not. I snuggle and hug my kids more than most probably do. It is how we start every day. All my kids hug a lot, except Jade.

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? No way! I think a conversation might help you learn a bit about someone.

Is There Something You Want To Tell Someone? I would like to tell my kids to pick up their things.

Time You Saw Your Father? Unfortunately it was at a funeral. Not his.

What Time Did You Wake Up Today? Rick did the kid thing this morning. Thursdays I don't work so he agreed to let me sleep in.

How Old Are You? 39

What Were You Doing At Midnight Last Night? sleeping

What Is Your Favorite Thing In Your Room? The kids that are watching cartoons

Where is your best friend right now? Probably on his way home.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fiddler on the Roof

I took the kids to see the LC Musical last night. Amazing!!! If you have not seen it yet there are 3 more showings. 19th, 20th, and 21st. I have been in the Central Office involved a bit with selling tickets and Friday and Saturday night are almost sold out. $8 for adults, $5 for students & seniors. Totally worth it, even if you can't sit with your friends. My kids (ages 8, 6, and 6) were thoroughly entertained. The Kindergarteners did fall asleep at the very end. It was 10:30, so not too surprising. The arts department at LC is so great, the students should be very proud, they were OUTSTANDING in every way.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Babies Are Six

I guess it is about time I stop calling Emily and Luke "The Babies", It is a tough habit to break since I have been doing it now for 6 years. I might work on that.

We celebrated by inviting the entire class and then some to the Lynden Skateway. It was rollerskating madness. I find birthday parties to be both fun and stressful. Luckily I had Rick and some very helpful Mom's and Dad's there to help.

The gift receiving was overwhelming with a whole class of kindergarteners bringing 2 gifts each. Didn't even think of that, if I had I would have addressed it. In the end it turned out fine. A little of this and a little of that.

It turned out very fun and everyone seemed to learn a lot in the 3 hours we were there.

A funny tib bit at the very end. 15 minutes after the party ended one of our guests was still with us. After we called her house, the parents said, gasp "We forgot __________" I could never rat out who did that. But it made me realize that I am not the only parent that would find themselves in a position like this. Many great parents make mistakes.

So I guess we have 362 days until the babies celebrate their "golden birthday" Turning Seven on the 7th is next!