Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Nanna!

Today Rick's mom would have been 64. I made one of Rick's favorite casseroles for dinner and invited Ted over. I don't think it was one of Ted's favorites. Rick is still in South Dakota with Taylor and Jade. Taylor signed up for the draft today and visited a recruiting office. Rick was proud as they left. Taylor shook the men's hands and said, "It was nice to meet you, sir."
Jade got her drivers license today! She is pretty excited!
Abby and Emmy are playing dolls tonight, while Grandpa Ted is with Luke at Tiger Cubs. That should be interesting. It's Luke's first den meeting. Emily starts piano lessons tomorrow. So much excitement!


tami said...

It's a bit difficult to imagine Uncle Teddy at Boy Scouts... He probably shook things up a bit in the den!

It is fun to hear about Taylor and Jade since they weren't around this summer. Growing up!

michele said...

Tiger cubs! Piano lessons! Oh how fun!
Clarice was such a blessing. I have many memories of her around the time of your wedding and when the twins were born.
Moms are to be treasured.

theSNAPsisters said...

Yes HB to Auntie Clarice. Lots of news in your home , its all good!

Lesha said...

You are so sweet to have your father in law over, I am sure he appreciated your company even if the casserole wasn't his favorite. ; )